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Google Ads

The purpose of Google promotion is clear: to encourage people to visit your website or landing page, increase brand exposure, and, of course, increase the sales of your business. With years of experience and knowledge, we know how to ask the right questions that will help us produce effective campaigns that really bring results.

What are the advantages of promoting on Google?

Bottom line, promotion on Google allows us to reach new customers at the right time and in the right place. 

What are the Google advertising options?

Search Network Campaigns

Action-motivating campaigns with different budgets on the Google search network.

Campaigns in the media network

Advertising on different websites according to your target audience.

Publishing campaigns on YouTube

Promotion of successful videos to increase exposure.


Repeat advertising to surfers who were already interested in your product.

Search Network Campaigns

Today, almost every action on the Internet starts with the Google search engine.

Google ads are the best way to provide a quick response to surfers who are looking for exactly your product or service. The method in the search network is payment per click (PPC), which means that you pay only when surfers click on your ad and go to your website or landing page, and not for the actual exposure on Google.

What is amazing is that our campaign goals can be defined - to increase website traffic, maximize sales in an online store or collect quality leads. 

How do we do it at Chilibiz?

Define goals for the campaign

What is the purpose of the campaign? What do we want to achieve? Exposure and branding? Traffic to the site? Selling products? Collecting leads? Your answers are the ones that will determine the nature of the campaign, so that we can know exactly how each factor affects the result, improve it and get a return on its investment.

Choose relevant phrases

An integral step of the campaign, which helps us estimate how many searches there are for each phrase and how much we will pay for each click on our ads. The price changes according to the supply versus the demand, in areas that do not have much competition, we can pay shekels for the expression and in more competitive areas, we will pay much more.

Plan a proper budget

Proper budget control is one of the most important issues in Google campaigns. Proper management begins with setting a daily framework and is updated through trial and error. The budget is dynamic and can change daily.

Draw conclusions for improvement

After we examine the data, we will reach insights that will improve our awareness. We will examine whether it is worth changing the budget, changing the ad, the keywords, etc. We can also change the times of the ad, which will appear on specific days or hours. As soon as we make sure to examine the results and draw correct conclusions, we will use the advertising budget ideally. After a few months, it will be easier for us to know if the advertising is working or not.

Write targeted messages and motivate action

The wording of the ads greatly affects the attention of the surfers, with the help of targeted messages and motives for action we will attract the surfers to your site. And since Google promotes successful and low-budget campaigns, this is one of the most important steps for building a high-quality and profitable campaign.

Campaigns on the Display Network (GDN)

Advertising in Google media allows us to advertise various banners on websites and applications throughout the network. This is exactly how we manage to capture the target audience in places that interest them. For that matter, if you sell tours in the world, and there is an excellent article about attractions in Barcelona, ​​that is exactly where we will find the potential audience and offer them your service. In addition, in the media network we can advertise in places like Gmail, YouTube and other applications. 

YouTube campaigns

You know the ads that run on YouTube before the video? You can appear there.

YouTube campaigns allow us to reach our audience through videos that present your product or service in the best possible way. Here too the targeting is very focused and flexible, we can target according to specific channels and videos, keywords, demographic filtering, geographic location, interests and more to reach your target audience just in time.

Remarketing ads

You probably already know that you don't just come across ads on the net, the ads appear following a website you visited or according to what you searched for on the net. The purpose of remarketing ads is to encourage surfers who visited the sites and did not purchase, to make a purchase. The big advantage of this method is that the surfer has already been interested in your product or service, which makes him a hot lead. At Chilibiz we specialize in creating remarketing ads, which will turn your abandoning customers into active customers.

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