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Web design and development

At ChiliBiz, we keep up to date with everything that's hot in the market and offer custom website design and development services that are innovative, professional, and original. Our handcrafted solutions are tailored exactly to your business needs.

So, how do we do it?

Characterizing the customer's needs is what drives us. With your business insights and our professional knowledge, we will create a marketing and sales plan with an emphasis on attention to small details that will differentiate your website from the competition and serve your goals. Our professional and passionate team will accompany you throughout the entire process, from initial planning to launching.

Website development consists of three main preliminary stages -
planning the website structure > content writing > website design.

After that, the development phase is where we connect all the dots, from the operational system to the content and design, guaranteeing a professional, efficient, and fast website.

Website structure planning and user experience characterization (UX\UI)

Before we get started, let's define the site. What is its domain? What does it promote? Who is the target audience? What options do we want it to have? As soon as we have the answers, we can move forward to develop a creative concept on which the website will be based. We will choose which elements are most important and where they will be located in order to motivate potential customers. An effective website design and a convenient and inviting interface make all the difference, motivating action and leading to a significant advantage over the competition. At ChiliBiz, the website design and characterization process is done in a precise and thorough manner, with the aim of building a unique, professional and results-producing website for your business.

Writing the content

Now that the characterization is ready, this is the stage for writing accurate marketing content. After getting to know you closely, we will know how to create a sharp and creative content that fits your brand exactly and addresses your audience precisely. We also provide a service of translation into other languages if necessary. We will create maximum prominence for you to stay in the mind and capture the hearts of consumers.

Responsive design

Even if your website looks amazing on desktop, it is not sure that it will look amazing on mobile. Responsive design is a design that adapts itself to any device, so that your website will be adapted for browsing on a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Today, mobile-friendly design is a higher priority than desktop, for the simple reason that most people surf from a smartphone. Our goal is to reduce the churn rate of our customers and increase engagement. In addition, Google also checks the suitability of your site for mobile, and ranks responsive sites higher.

Site accessibility

Have you ever wondered how a person with a disability surfs the Internet? Every step you take to make the site accessible makes your site more convenient and suitable for the entire population. Videos, audio files, and reading materials will become accessible without compromising the user experience. The process is carried out using various technologies, including screen reading and keyboard navigation, to meet the requirements of the European standard.

Connection to advanced measuring tools

Just before we finish, we will connect your website to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, two tools for measuring traffic and actions of surfers on the website. This will allow you to improve the advertising characteristics on Google and Facebook in the future.


We have reached the icing on the cake. What now? First of all, you get excited, then you send the link to friends who will cheer you on, and then you check that the site is connected where it should be, where it should be, and effective as it should be.

Design and develop landing pages

What is it actually? A landing page is a web page to which we "land" customers from various links.

I mean, this is the page that surfers reach from sponsored campaigns on Facebook, Google or any other platform. Our goal is clear, to get surfers to "convert" - leave details, download a file or do any other action that serves our goals.

A landing page is a necessary tool in any marketing strategy, it helps us recruit new customers and turn visitors to our page into active customers. And that's not all, a landing page allows us to collect information about surfers who visited our site, target them for additional publications and convert them into paying customers. On the other hand, lack of focus and mistakes along the way may do the opposite and cause our surfer to abandon the page and our money to be wasted.

Bottom line, a proper landing page will have an attractive graphic design that is identified with the brand, a lead form that will encourage the surfers (to leave details, to make a purchase, to register, etc.) and, of course, strong and focused messages that will drive them to final action.

This is where we come into the picture, at Chillibiz we build converting and diverse landing pages for businesses in various fields. 

Website maintenance

Your website, like any other website, requires constant refreshing and renewal. Technology never stops developing and changing, and our job is to adapt your website to what is relevant today. After you have built an invested website, you need to take care of proper maintenance, so that your website will always be at the center of things.

That's what we're here for, we'll make sure to "interpret" the site on an ongoing basis, starting with site security, through fixing bugs and refreshing images and new products, to updating plugins, designs and content.

Website security and prevention of hacking attempts

Any website that is not secured at the strictest and highest quality level may endanger the website and the information of the surfers. At Chillibiz, we secure websites and prevent hacking attempts with the help of the latest technology and the most up-to-date software, we monitor and control regularly and guide our customers on how to manage security on the website, we make all the necessary efforts, with the aim of building secure interfaces and embedding them correctly in our servers Our customers' company.

Updating plugins and fixing bugs

Websites built on the WordPress system are very dynamic. Plugins and templates change all the time (in a positive way of course), but in order for your website to stay up-to-date, you need to update the versions of the plugins installed on the site, both in terms of security and performance. If we do not update the plugins, we will find faults and bugs on the site, such as long loading times, security holes and faulty design. Our tip: preempt the cure for the blow.

Update and removal of contents

Let's say your website has been live for a few months, and suddenly you started to feel a change in the amount of traffic to the site or a decrease in the amount of sales, it's probably time to refresh the content, remove old content that didn't work well and update it with new creative content

Would you like to spice up your business?

We are here to grow your business with focused and results-oriented digital advertising. We specialize in designing and building websites, advertising on social networks, sponsored promotion on Google, and graphic design. In short, everything your business needs digitally from A to Z. 

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